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Bally Refrigerated Boxes, Inc., began in Bally, PA, when “iceboxes” were literally cooled by blocks of ice. They introduced the use of insulated refrigerated structures over eighty years ago, pioneered non-ozone depleting panels, and were the first company to receive FM Class I and UL listings on their panels. Through their many developments, Bally has continued to rely on the outstanding fundamentals of their product line and are committed to a tradition of innovation.

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Products to meet your needs.


Bally products are uniquely designed to save you time and money as you build, and keep future operating costs to a minimum. Bally’s durable, pre-engineered panels reduce construction costs and provide superior durability.  Their Refrigeration Products keep your structure at just the right temperature while being energy efficient. The Bally Parts Department offers Adapt-A-Doors and Replacement Parts that provide complete maintenance

Walk-In Coolers & Freezers

Bally Walk-In Coolers and Freezers are uniquely designed to save you time and money when you build, and to keep operating costs down for years to come. Simplicity of design assures ease of assembly, and allows for future Walk-In Cooler and Freezer expansion or relocation.

Refrigerated Buildings & Warehouses

Bally Refrigerated Buildings and Warehouses deliver the maximum in strength and convenience. Regardless of what kind of business you’re in, Bally provides refrigerated buildings to meet the needs of each individual customer. Bally Refrigerated Buildings and Warehouses deliver on all levels.

Modular Structures

Bally’s Modular Structures provide strong, insulating shelters for whatever you want to keep safe, dry and at just the right temperature. Designed to meet your specific needs, they begin every structure with their dependable panels and finish with outstanding quality and service.


The versatile Adapt-A-Door puts an end to problems with replacing or retrofitting doors for Walk-Ins and refrigerated warehouses. Three varieties make it easy to replace a worn-out or ill-fitting door in any Walk-In or warehouse. You can also use the Bally Adapt-A-Door for the easiest way to install a new door where you need it.

Northwind Blast Chillers

During cooling, the worst danger of contamination occurs as foods drop in temperature from 140ºF to 41ºF aptly called the “Danger Zone”. Under HAACP (The Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) regulations, potentially hazardous foods may not remain in this “Danger Zone” for more than four hours; a Northwind Blast Chiller cools food in two hours or less.

Mortuary Cooler Systems

Bally Mortuary Systems support good practice and profitability. They worked with funeral directors to design systems that meet the unique needs of a funeral homes, hospitals, EMS centers, and morgues. The coolers provide increased operational flexibility which decreases overall costs.


Available for a variety of applications from low-velocity to large blast freezers. All evaporators are available with optional materials and coatings in addition to factory installed controls and valves such as room- and liquid-line thermostats.

Condensing Units

High, High/Medium, Medium, and Low temperature ranges from ½ to 80HP. Selection of Indoor or Outdoor, Air-cooled, Water-cooled, and Coaxial units.


Bally’s Horizontal/Vertical Air-Cooled Condensers are available for small to large size applications.

SmartVap™ II Electronically Controlled Evaporator

Available in all electric defrost single phase evaporators, up to 25 amp max over current protections.

PRO³™ Refrigeration System

Fully piped and wired and ready to drop into a ceiling panel’s factory-cut opening. No refrigeration technicians are required to install the refrigeration unit.

SmartSpeed® Evaporator

Systems connected to SmartSpeed® technology will benefit with extra energy savings up to 10% on compressor consumption.


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