Perfect coffee enjoyment



Whether it’s a traditional café, company cafeteria or top-end hotel, the wonderful product range from Franke Coffee Systems features the perfect coffee machine to suit any requirements – and coffee enjoyment with consistent barista quality.

Experience wonderful coffee moments



Make it wonderful.


A perfect cup of coffee can make almost any moment more wonderful. Learning from restaurant operators, coffee roasters and coffee lovers has helped us create innovative and efficient products for you, your employees and your customers. That’s the knowledge and passion that inspires and pushes them to Make It Wonderful.

Fully Automatics

Every Franke super automatic coffee machine is packed with true passion for coffee and 100 percent Swissness. Their broad, modular product portfolio offers the ideal solution to meet any wish your customers may have.


Franke has succeeded in packing their entire experience and coffee-making expertise into a little capsule. An innovation that offices and businesses with food service needs have been waiting for for a long time: the capsule system in professional quality.


The preparation of the perfect espresso is a passion. For the barista the precise movements, rehearsed processes and little tricks become a wonderful everyday ritual, which he is happy to celebrate in front of an audience. Franke’s semi-automatic coffee machine supports the barista in his coffee artistry with technical finesse, innovative details and exceptional durability.


A successful start to the day begins with a wonderful cup of coffee. Franke’s high-performance drip coffee maker has been developed to meet a large demand for professional quality coffee. Thanks to its durable design in stainless steel, it looks great and is very hard-wearing – whether it’s in the breakfast segment, self-service, or company restaurants.


Franke’s product portfolio doesn’t just include coffee machines, but also a wide range of innovative, beautifully designed coffee maker equipment and supplies. During product development, they learn from the experiences of restaurant operators, study the needs of coffee roasters and coffee lovers, and work tirelessly to further improve their products.


For the best possible beverage quality, thorough cleaning of your Franke coffee machine is crucial. This is why they offer a broad range of innovative special cleaners and water treatment products for all their wonderful coffee machines.


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