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For more than 75 years, Gaylord has revolutionized kitchen ventilation with systems known for durability, dependability and meticulous attention to detail.

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Innovative, smart ventilation solutions for any foodservice operation.

Today, Gaylord continues with groundbreaking designs and innovative approaches to solving the two main priorities facing foodservice operators: energy savings and labor optimization.

EL Series Ventilator

Offering the best air volumes over ovens and kettles, Gaylord’s EL Series Ventilator is a robust, cost-effective solution that’s ideal for a variety of light-duty applications. Based on performance and price, it’s simply the best light-duty hood you can buy.

ELX Series Ventilator

Gaylord’s new ELX Series Ventilation System utilizes proven laws of physics and geometry to greatly improve air management. It achieves the lowest air volumes by taking advantage of the thermal plume that rises naturally from the cooking process. Plus, their technology makes the ELX Series quieter than any other hood in the industry. And, a quieter kitchen is a more productive kitchen, lessening employee fatigue as well as the chance of miscommunications and accidents.

ELXC Clean-In-Place Ventilators

Gaylord also offers ELXC, a water wash ventilator built on their revolutionary new ELX platform. This clean-in-place wet technology automatically eliminates grease without having to remove, transport, wash and replace filters—increasing productivity and reducing risk.

Air Vantage

Efficient, cost-effective and easy to use, AirVantage revolutionizes the way airflow is managed in your kitchen. AirVantage’s sensible heat-based system utilizes resistance temperature detectors (RTDs) mounted in hood canopies to detect heat with improved accuracy and speed. Its flexible design takes their smart read and react Demand Control Ventilation (DCKV) technology to the next level. AirVantage is the perfect energy-saving solution for to control airflow and create a more comfortable kitchen environment. Design options include dampered, non-dampered, and SmartAir VAV solutions to meet your project requirements.


Gaylord’s custom ventilation solutions are designed to enhance indoor air quality, boost efficiency and reduce operational costs in the most demanding kitchens. To make our innovative, cost-effective hoods even better, we’re adding a new feature DCV—Readiness.

Utility Distribution System

The Gaylord Distributor™ is a cutting-edge Utility Distribution System (UDS) that’s superior to a contractor-built wall—in every way. Designed for today’s modern kitchen with the operator’s needs in mind, the Distributor provides every required service—electrical, gas, hot and cold water, steam, condensate return, compressed air and chilled water—to the cooking equipment, all in an attractive, pre-engineered unit. Available in a variety of configurations including island, wall-mounted and ceiling, the Distributor delivers the ultimate in flexibility, expandability, safety, cleanliness and convenience.

Pollution Control Units

As concern for air quality grows and environmental regulations require commercial kitchens to incorporate pollution control equipment into their exhaust systems, it simply makes sense to rely on the manufacturer that’s been doing it longer than anyone else.

Formula G-510EF

Formula G-510EF is the only cleaner recommended by Gaylord Industries for use in the wash down system of Gaylord ventilators. Formula G-510EF is a concentrated colloid cleaner specially formulated to remove the daily accumulation of grease inside the Ventilator without damaging the rubber and synthetic parts of the solenoid valves and the detergent pumping system.  Formula G-510EF is safe for kitchen personnel and has a variety of uses.


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