SGA Corporate Chef


Chef Chuck Asher brings 23 years of Culinary Passion to the table. Beginning with flipping burgers and wings, Chef Chuck evolved to Johnson & Wales University to graduate Cumme Laude and start training under a Certified Master Chef cooking for the German Equestrian Team during the 1996 Olympics. From here his career would rocket into contract work opening facilities such as Turner Field, Philips Arena, Grand America Hotel and working in multiple environments spanning from restaurants to country clubs to private Chef Arenas. Finally, after years of kitchen brutality, the transition began into the sales side of the industry with a food broker. From there, after working his way through selling toilet paper and plastic cups to running and opening offices the equipment side of the industry came calling. In 2006 he began the most passionate part of his career with Combi Ovens and has broadened his knowledge and application to be an expert with numerous types of Flinstone to Jetsons Culinary equipment. At Swanson Girard, he brings a variety of abilities such as menu design, operations, culinary skill training, recipe development and much more.


Chuck brings passion and knowledge to our industry and our company. Bon Appetite!!!