Warehouse Manager


Mike’s title may read, “Warehouse Manager,” but he’s a lot more than that. Mike has been with our company for 5 years. In addition to shipping/receiving, Mike supports us on the culinary side too. Before joining our team at Swanson Girard, Mike was a corporate trainer for Harris Teeter. He trained deli operators on foodservice equipment items for operation and safety. Mike is excellent with the operator. He’s been doing it a long time (over 22 years!). For us, he’s done a lot of enduser work for big accounts such as Food Lion and Harris Teeter. Mike makes sure the boxes get in and out of the warehouse, but he also supports our culinary team during events. Chefs have said about Mike that he has a knack for anticipating needs and delivering before they even have to ask. You can always find Mike with a smile on his face and is one of our team’s favorites, for sure.