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Innovative new ideas for food safety, counter service, personal safety and washroom products come directly from insights San Jamar gains from its customers. That’s why they work alongside their customers in every facet of their operations. They listen to their challenges, identify potential problems and look for the small changes that could make big improvements in safety and efficiency. Finally, San Jamar responds with ground-breaking new products that make their operations smarter, safer and more sanitary. Then, when they’re finished, they go back and start all over again.

Experience Safe and Efficient Foodservice Equipment 



No one company brings together more innovative products and solutions for the full spectrum of restaurant and facilities operations than San Jamar.


For over twenty years San Jamar has provided solutions for the foodservice industry and facility operations that allow them to run their operations smarter, safer and more sanitary. Their first hand experience within these areas has provided them with a unique insight and enabled them to develop a wide range of products that make a real difference for their customers.


San Jamar’s bar products help bartenders and servers work more efficiently.  With products that help you work smarter, you can focus on making sure your customers are well-served.  They also provide ways to protect your glassware and other costly items from damage.  Their goal is to save you time, money and enhance your image to make your bar the best it can be. 

Counter Service

You may not realize it, but the organization of your counter space says a lot to your customers. A neat, organized counter tells customers that you are professional and that you take pride in a clean, safe, well-run operation. Our one-at-a-time napkin, cup and lid dispensing systems enhance your image, minimize waste and save money. San Jamar counter service products will help you portray the best impression possible, and assure guests that you value their business.


The Kitchen is the heart of your foodservice operation, and San Jamar products ensure that you keep it as safe as possible. From the most innovative and sanitary cutting boards in the industry, to hand safety products that will protect your kitchen staff from cut and burn injuries, San Jamar products are made to support you and your business. Their kitchen products are designed, always with sanitation and safety in mind, to help you meet the most stringent food safety standards and health codes. No matter how hot it gets in the kitchen, their chef and crew jackets, aprons and headwear will keep your staff looking cool and professional.


San Jamar constantly innovates to provide new ways to help keep the washroom safe, sanitary and efficient. Their universal towel, tissue and soap dispensers are made of the highest-quality materials and quality-tested to ensure reliable, trouble-free dispensing. San Jamar’s universal dispensers allow you to source towel and tissue separately from the dispenser, freeing you from costly paper contracts. Their patented, state-of-the-art Arriba odor control systems provide effortless and efficient air care that enhances the washroom experience for your guests. All San Jamar washroom dispensers are designed to provide consistent, efficient dispensing; minimizing waste to save you money.


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