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Select Stainless Products is proud to be one of the fastest growing stainless steel foodservice equipment and millwork manufacturers in the country. 

Experience Custom Stainless Products

Stainless Food Service Equipment


Stainless steel fabrication, custom refrigeration and millwork all produced at one facility and to your specifications.

Select Stainless Products offers a wide range of standard catalog items, custom stainless steel fabrication and custom millwork to meet your specific needs. They  specialize in custom products for restaurants, supermarkets and schools. Manufactured in a facility with over 140,000 square feet of operational space, the quality and craftsmanship of their products will enhance your kitchen and other food service areas.

Custom Stainless

As one of the fastest growing manufacturers of stainless steel fabrication, Select Stainless offers a wide selection of standard products and custom stainless steel items built to your needs.  They can make it easy by either modifying a standard piece of equipment or fabricating a completely custom designed item.  Select Stainless product line offers tables, cabinets, sinks, dishtables, wall shelves, pot racks, wall cabinets, floor troughs, and much more.

Custom Millwork

Due to their extensive knowledge of millwork operations they have the experience and skill required to produce high quality unique products at a competitive price. Millwork products can be built from plywood, MDF, stainless steel, solid surfaces, and many other options as shown below.  Select Stainless communicates with customers so they have every detail needed to exceed their customer’s expectations.  Their custom capabilities and expertise ensures the end result will be the perfect combination of design and function.

Available Millwork Options: Plywood, MDF, Stainless Steel, Laminates, Quartz, Corian, A variety of wood finishes, Refrigeration, Bumpers, Kickplates, Lighting, Doors.

Custom Refrigeration

Select Stainless Products can build a variety of custom refrigeration items to meet any requirement.  They specialize in custom cold pan design and build, freezer cabinets, raised cold rails, chilled wine displays for custom applications and custom configurations to suit your needs.  As an all-in-one factory, they can build these units directly into custom chef’s lines, expo counters and back bar units for a clean look in lieu of drop-in and roll in units.  Select Stainless Products is ETL listed for commercial refrigeration and freezers so you can feel secure trusting them to design and build your custom refrigerated and freezer units.

Custom Electric

Select Stainless Products in house UL department can wire up or plumb any device you need installed in your custom designed units.


Select Stainless Products offers installation of their standard and custom equipment. This service is for all items they manufacture including: serving equipment, dishroom equipment, S/S wall panels , wall cabinets, pass through window frames and trim. If they build it they can provide installation for it in your foodservice, medical, educational, or government facility.  They will deliver, set up, and level all equipment so it is ready for your contractor to hook up the hard plumbing and electrical connections if required. If the equipment is too large to be built in one piece they can also perform top field joints in all three materials: stainless steel, stone, and Corian to achieve that one piece seamless look. Their installation service can also include setting up all of the food warming equipment, cold storage, and sneeze guards specified upon ordering by their U.L. certified team.


Select Stainless wants its customers to know that your service related issues will be given top priority.  Give their service department a call and they will work to resolve your situation.  Select Stainless Products wants to make sure that doing business with them means you receive outstanding customer service and the personal attention you deserve.


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