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Spill-Stop Mfg. LLC is the leading manufacturer of liquor pourers in the world. At their factory in suburban Chicago they produce almost 10 million pourers a year, including the Ban-M® Screened Pourer and the #285-50 Chrome Tapered Pourer, the most popular pourer in the industry.

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Spill-Stop now offers a complete line of bar supplies, specializing in “hand tools for the bartender.” Their product line includes free flow liquor pourers in both metal and plastic; portion control pourers; bar and service mats; bar aide caddies; glass rimmers; and stainless steel bar accessories including cocktail shakers, cocktail strainers, ice scoops, speed rails, corkscrews, and bottle openers. They also sell serving and tip trays, beer pitchers, scoops, scoop holders, condiment containers, cocktail picks, and other bar supplies too numerous to list.

Waiter’s Chrome Plated Corkscrews

Multi-functional corkscrew, knife, and bottle opener. Chrome plated. Packed one dozen per carton.

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Glass Brushes

Solid cast base with rubber suction holds firmly to bottom of sink. Extra brushes are available.

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Lemon-Lime Squeezer

Mirror polished stainless steel. Strong construction for professional use. Easily cleaned. Packed one dozen per box.

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Condiment Containers and Ice Containers

“Versatile” is the word to describe these multi-purpose condiment containers! Toppings, relishes, garnishes, sandwich fixings, portion control packets, dressings…you name it, all these and more are conveniently stored and served from these crystal clear acrylic containers. Available in one, two and four compartment units.  They all feature a clear acrylic lid with convenient spoon slot and stainless steel hinges. Optional ice containers are sold separately.

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Chrome Jet Por

Excellent for large drinks or for more viscous liquors. Packed one dozen per poly bag. One gross per carton. Minimum shipment-one gross. Weight 5 lbs.

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Cocktail Shakers

Made from stainless steel with reinforced bottom. Fits standard mixing bar glasses. Packed one dozen per carton. Available in 16 ounce with 3-1/4″ diameter top or 28 ounce with 3-5/8″ diameter top.

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Stainless Ice Scoop

For crushed or cracked ice-candy-nuts-sugar, etc. Stainless steel. 4-ounce capacity, 9″ long. Fits their #1402-2 small scoop holder.  Packed one dozen per carton. Weight 2.5 lbs.

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