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Since manufacturing the first soft-serve ice cream freezer machine for Dairy Queen more than 70 years ago, Stoelting has established itself as a manufacturer of durable, dependable frozen treat equipment.

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Stoelting is committed to providing store owners and operators with smart innovations that make everyday operations easy. Their products are designed for ease of use while maintaining durability and quality end-product.


Stoelting has earned a strong reputation as a top manufacturer of foodservice equipment, which is a reflection of their state-of-the-art engineering, uncompromising quality, and dedicated employees. They attribute their longevity to the quality, dependability, and performance of their equipment, along with an experienced sales & customer support staff, backed by Stoelting’s outstanding warranty.

Soft Serve & Frozen Yogurt

Stoelting commercial-grade gravity and pressure-fed Soft Serve Ice Cream, Frozen Yogurt, Frozen Custard Machines are available in floor and countertop models.  Equipment is available as single flavor, twin twist, or double cylinder design and is ideal for any restaurant, hotel, fast food / ice cream business, cafeteria, institution or entertainment venue.

Shake Freezers

Pack high-capacity output into a compact design with Stoelting’s Shake Machines. These freezers will handle high-demand rush hour requirements quietly and efficiently, while giving your profits a boost. Ideally suited for high volume commercial operations such as fast food locations, drive-ins, theme parks, institutions, and recreational facilities. Perfect for thin or thick milkshakes, frozen beverages, smoothies and frozen cocktails.

Frozen Custard & Italian Ice Machines

Ross Frozen Custard Continuous Flow Freezer Machines have become the standard in the industry for quality and durability. With Stoelting’s Quick-Freeze Technology™, the barrel freezes custard mix faster than any other machine. This minimizes the size of the ice crystals and ensures the smoothest, creamiest product.

Frozen Beverage Dispensers

Stoelting manufactures a wide variety of commercial grade frozen beverage dispensing equipment. These compact and ultra high capacity units are perfect for a variety of high-margin specialty drinks, smoothies, juices and frozen slush drinks including granitas, cappuccinos and frozen cocktails.

Batch Equip. For Gelato & Premium Ice Cream

Rugged, reliable batch freezers for Premium Ice Cream, Gelato, Sherbet, Sorbet, and Water Ices. Their Batch Ice Cream Machines are simple to operate, easy to maintain, and built to assure perfect frozen desserts every time.


Stoelting also offers accessories for their freezers, such as remote mix pumps to keep mix handling to a minimum, floor stands for converting counter top units to floor models, and mix-in blenders for marvelous mix-ins.


State-of-the-art IntelliTec2™ control system communicates with the operator through a multiline graphics LCD display using full text instructions, and includes a programmable clean timer that lets the operator know when its time to clean each machine.


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