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Established in 1972, Structural Concepts is a leading innovator of temperature-controlled food display cases for foodservice operators. At their core is their unprecedented expertise in self-contained refrigeration. They are a refrigeration engineering company who also designs and engineers beautiful display cabinets. Their pioneering, award-winning technology sets the standard for unmatched ease of operation, longer life, and stronger performance, providing operators with dramatically increased sales and reduced operating expenses.

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Innovative engineering and dedication to industry-leading research and development results in one-of-a-kind technologies that you’ll only find in their display cases.


Structural Concepts is the refrigeration technology leader and their innovative engineering team’s dedication to R&D makes their cases work better, last longer, save energy and minimize your operating costs.

Combination Food Display Cases

A collection of single cases that offer multiple display areas to optimize precious floor space. Choose from refrigerated, non-refrigerated, prep and grab & go combination models available in various lengths and styles perfect for varying day-part menus.

Grab & Go Food Display Cases

Grab & Go open front display cases provide quick and easy access to fresh food without the hassle of doors. Selections include air screen units that offer a built-in look, free-standing models, islands, end caps and under-counter units.

Bakery Food Display Cases

Tiered glass shelves offer customers a mouth-watering view. Select from refrigerated, non-refrigerated, service or self-service models in various styles and sizes.

Deli Food Display Cases

Emphasize freshness to stimulate impulse sales. Select from Service or Self-Service models available in Refrigerated, Heated, Combination or Prep style units.

Gelato Food Display Cases

Proudly Made in Michigan, USA. Unit designed to be fully operational without any rear doors. Dual coil system keeps the refrigerated air curtain circulating through the case and maintains an even pan temperature. Available in 12, 18 & 24 pan configurations.

Quick Ship Food Display Cases

When you need it fast and don’t have time to wait use Structural Concepts’ Quick Ship program. They offer a variety of sizes and model selections to accommodate your short notice needs.

International Food Display Cases

A selection of their most popular models and styles offered in 50HZ electrical for use abroad.


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