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While Taylor traces its history back to 1851, Rob Kay and the private equity firm Centre Partners teamed up in the Summer of 2012 to acquire Taylor Precision Products as a platform from which to create a global leader in the housewares industry. At the time, Taylor was focused exclusively on scale and measurement products, and with commanding market positions in these categories, the company had pervasive distribution across all classes of trade. their vision is to build upon this infrastructure and become a full spectrum provider of houseware products selling into these same channels, and thereby offering a greater value proposition to its customers and the consumer.

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Precision measurement has been the exclusive focus of Taylor’s business for 150 years. Their ability to fulfill the professional market’s exacting standards for accuracy, durability and design is built on a legacy of technical expertise, quality materials and a constant awareness of changing industry needs.

Stainless Steel Retro Kitchen Scale

Accuracy and reliability never go out of style. The Taylor 3710-21 kitchen scale has both in spades, from the rugged strength of its stainless steel frame to the 150 years of proven quality that comes with the Taylor name. Great for weighing dry ingredients for baking and pounds of ripe red tomatoes and other vegetables for canning.

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Digital Measuring Cup

Bakers have found it is more precise to weigh ingredients for baking than to measure them, so you need a tool that confirms all your ingredients are measured in the correct amounts. What could possibly turn you into the pastry chef you dream to be?! The 3890 Digital Scale with Measuring Cup by Taylor!

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Splash ‘N’ Drop Timer

Picking the right timer for the job can be a difficult task. There are so many options – what is right for you? The Taylor 5863 Splash ‘n Drop Timer/Clock is the ideal kitchen (and household) partner for all your needs. Once you start using this durable, multi-purpose timer, you won’t be able to live without it.

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Taylor 5853 Timer

Don’t waste your time with anything but the best and most innovative, like the 5853 big easy timer/clock. With a huge LCD display and a multi surface-gripping rubber design, this timer will keep track of your time so you have the time to relax.

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Smartemp Thermometer

The real secret to great cooking is a Taylor thermometer. And now you can find that precision with the Smart Thermometer and your smartphone, with the SmarTemp app. SmarTemp connects your Smart Thermometer to your mobile device via bluetooth, giving you remarkable control over your cooking temperature.

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LED Digital Thermometer with Folding Probe and Flashlight

Brilliant, bright red LED readout can be seen easily in low light and at any angle. Plus it includes a Stainless Steel step down probe for faster reading & less damage to food.

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