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You don’t have ingredients to waste, time to train, or money to burn. Your equipment has to work perfectly the first time, every time. Because each plate that leaves your kitchen and every drink you pour has your name on it. And when your reputation is on the line, you need the very best working right there beside you.

Experience A Blend of Flavors



Patented noised reduction and exceptional power.


Vitamix blenders grind spices, chop salsas, purée root vegetables, emulsify dressings, heat sauces and more. One blender that can take the place of multiple tools means more space in your kitchen. And as kitchens shrink to add tables to the dining room, every inch counts.

The Quiet One®

The Quiet One is their quietest machine, offering noise-reduction technology, six optimized programs, and an Advance container for large batch sizes.

Blending Station® Advance®

With a sound cover and optimized programs, the Blending Station works quietly without supervision.

T&G® Blending Station®

The T&G 2 offers reduced sound and consistent blends, quickly delivering smoothies, frappés, and frozen cocktails in a variety of sizes.

Drink Machine Advance®

With optimized programs and automatic shut-off, the Drink Machine Advance easily creates smaller batches of everything from smoothies to frozen cocktails.

BarBoss® Advance®

Add or expand your beverage program with optimized programs, automatic shut-off, and the sleek red design of the BarBoss Advance.

Drink Machine Two-Step

The built-in timer with automatic shut-off takes the guesswork out of blending large batches in the 64-ounce container.


Just select the blend time and press start to create the same delicious results every time.

Drink Machine Two-Speed

High/Low controls offer ease of use, and a Tamper is included for blending exceptionally thick frozen mixtures in the 64-ounce container.

Vitamix XL®

The industry’s most efficient, large-capacity machine with a 4.2-horsepower motor and a 1.5-gallon container.

Vita-Prep® 3

With enhanced power and larger cooling fan, you can chop prep time with culinary precision.


With its precision and control, the Vita-Prep is an invaluable tool on the line.

Mix’n Machine Advance

Used by the world’s largest chains to mix dessert toppings with ice cream and frozen yogurt.


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